Career FAQs

What data should I submit upon applying for a job?

Send us your personal contact information (address, phone #, and email) and an electronic copy of your current resume.  Please feel free to include a cover letter. Send your information to Sherry Harris, Operations Manager at

How much time should I allow to hear back from you after sending my application?

It can vary.  Applications are reviewed regularly, usually within a week of submittal.  Our managers decide which candidates they want to consider for interviews.

What’s the average age of employees at Hoskin Ryan?

We employee approximately 50 professionals. Ours is a multi-generational workforce. The majority of employees fall between the ages of 25-55.

How is the company structured?

We are divided into two groups: Land Development and Public Works. Tom Ryan heads our Land Development business. He has spent over 30 years in the Phoenix area working extensively in this area. Paul Hoskin leads our Public Works team and has over 36 years of experience dealing with numerous cities and municipalities across Arizona. Civil Engineering, Hydrology and Survey support both groups.

How are staffing selections made for new projects?

Many factors influence this: a project’s needs, personnel availability, individual expertise, client preference, and other factors. Always make your interests known.

What’s the standard procedure for performance reviews?

A formal, written performance review is conducted annually (typically near year’s-end), along with a less-formal, mid-year review.

What criteria are used to evaluate performance?

At your performance review, we discuss the responsibilities, skills, and characteristics required for you to be successful in your role. Managers discuss with you what you’re doing well and where improvements are needed. The focus is on your growth.

When am eligible for health benefits?

Full time employees are eligible to receive benefits on the first of the month following their 30th day of employment.

How does vacation time accrue and when am I eligible?

All employees who work full-time (30 hours or more/week) are eligible for paid time off. New employees will earn Paid Time Off (PTO) starting the first day of employment, however, it may not be used until after 90 days of employment. PTO provides employees with flexible paid time off from work that can be used for such needs as vacation, personal or family illness, bereavement and doctor appointments, for example.

How do you plan for downturns in our industry?

Downturns are inevitable in every industry.  We’ve been through them before and we work diligently to respond better each time.  We do our best to maximize the effective use of our full workforce during downturns, as well as in periods of heavier than usual workloads.

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