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2nd Avenue

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Client: City of Phoenix

2nd Avenue Water Main Replacement

Hoskin Ryan is providing survey and data collection, water main replacement design, and construction plan preparation to complete a water main replacement for a project along 2nd Avenue from Fillmore Street to Van Buren Street in the City of Phoenix. The project includes the replacement of an existing 6” water main with a new 12” ductile iron pipe. While this project is part of a future water main replacement program area the City could not wait for timing of that project. The City requested this fast-track project to be completed in 3 months due to their immediate need. The survey effort included detailed topographic cross sections for the roadways, and field location of the existing improvements along with any visible signs of underground utilities.

Once the survey effort was completed, the existing conditions were reflected on a constraints base plan. The best possible location was chosen for the replacement water main. Utility crossings were evaluated and designed. Once the replacement main was located water service replacement design and water meter placement occurred. Fire hydrant spacing was evaluated and new fire hydrants were located along the alignment meeting the current City standards. An important design consideration for this project was system tie over from the existing system to the new design. Replacement projects require the new water main to be designed so the existing system can remain in service during construction.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Utility Replacement in Existing City Street
  • Utility Coordination
  • Fast Paced Schedule