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BASIS Prescott

Location: Prescott, Arizona
Client: BASIS Ed, Inc.

BASIS Prescott School

The architect for BASIS Ed, Inc. chose Hoskin Ryan to develop a design to construct their prototype building on a ten acre hillside site in the Prescott Lakes subdivision. Since the proposed building was a prototype, it was not optimized for hillside construction and required special consideration in terms of ADA access, earthwork balance, and retaining walls. The water system also required a more complex design due to the connections to two different pressure zones through a pressure reducing valve. In cooperation with the City, a storm water quality system was developed to filter the detained run-off prior to it leaving the site and entering an impaired lake nearby. A Map of Dedication and Record of Survey were developed to dedicate utility easements for the property and to combine lots to meet City standards.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Challenging Grading Design to Accommodate ADA Access to the Building on a Hillside Site
  • Drainage From the Developed Area is Designed to be Treated for Stormwater Quality Prior to Leaving the Site
  • Compact Site Planning Reduced the Disturbed Area, While Maximizing Queue Length for Student Drop-Off