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Black Water Gas Station

Location: Gila River Indian Community. Near Coolidge, Arizona
Client: Wild Horse Pass Development Authority

Black Water Gas Station

Hoskin Ryan Consultants prepared a topographic and boundary survey map for the 3-acre Black Water Gas Station site located near Coolidge, Arizona. Our role during our contract to the Wild Horse Pass Development Authority was to provide a topographic mapping and boundary information for planning and design purposes at this site. Our work was based on the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) Modified State Plan Coordinate reference system. The project boundary was based on the original General Land Office (GLO) Record of Survey and fit to the physical monuments and evidence found in the field. Metes and bounds legal description of the project boundary was prepared for the site which met the minimum standards and guidelines of the GRIC Public Works Department. Property Corners were set with elevation references to facilitate construction and establishing lease limit lines in the field.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Retrace Original GLO Record of Survey
  • Establish Location of 3-Acre Site for Planning
  • Map Site on GRIC Modified State Plane Reference
  • Prepare Survey Map and Legal Descriptions