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Casa Verde

Location: Casa Grande, Arizona
Client: Eloy Property Holdings, LLC

Casa Verde Ranch

Hoskin Ryan redesignated nearly half of the 2,866-acre Casa Verde Ranch for this comprehensive plan amendment. The subdivision, designed with neoclassical design elements, features many “smart growth” concepts. The subdivision provides a sense of community through connectivity, transportation systems, a mix of land uses and community focal points. The project management team redesignated 1,173 acres as “transitional” in order to match the 1,713 acres of the property that currently held that designation. This change allowed the client to proceed with the creation of a multi-phased, mixed-use subdivision encompassing the entire 2,886-acre property. The subdivision features a number of community facilities, such as police and fire station, schools, and health facilities, as well as amenities such as trails, parks, playgrounds, gardens, plazas, sitting areas and fountains.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Regional Master Planning
  • Flood Protection
  • Floodplain Modeling