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Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Client: City of Phoenix

Fillmore Street Storm Drain & Water Main Improvements

The Fillmore Storm Drain project was a joint effort between the City of Phoenix and the Flood Control District of Maricopa County (FCDMC), and was first defined in the Metro ADMP. Storms drains from 36-inch to 72-inch in diameter were designed along Fillmore Street from 2nd to 9th Avenues with lateral connectors along 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Avenues.
Detailed field surveys included the collection of subsurface utilities, sanitary sewers, waterlines, storm drain lines and fiber optic lines. Detailed hydrology and hydraulics were developed for the existing and proposed systems and catch basins. Thorough utility locating and coordination contributed to the success of the project. The design included multiple water line relocations, including vertical relocations of a 20-inch distribution main and a 12-inch water line, and the horizontal relocation of approximately 1,900 linear feet of 12-inch water line. All work was completed in AutoCAD to the City of Phoenix’s CAD standards.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Survey Base Map Preparation
  • Utility Relocations
  • Hydraulic Remodeling
  • Catch Basin Integration