Desert Passage Levy Inspection – Maricopa, Arizona

About Project

Smith Farms is a 200-acre residential development. Hoskin Ryan designed a 1.5-mile long levee to remove the Smith Farms development from the 100-year floodplain that results from the Santa Cruz River System. Project deliverables included preliminary plats, drainage reports, provided master planning, and initial survey work. Hoskin Ryan assisted in the re-zoning submittal, created a master sewer, water, and mass grading concept, prepared off-site hydrology analysis, obtained CLOMR/LOMR approvals, created a master irrigation plan, and recorded the map of dedication. Hoskin Ryan prepared the levee operations and maintenance manual and, as part of the FEMA requirements, provide annual inspections and repair recommendations for the levee.

  • ClientKB Homes
  • LocationMaricopa, Arizona