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Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Client: Communities Southwest

Tramonto Master Planned Community

The Tramonto Development, located in North Phoenix, is a mixed used community consisting of: single family residential, commercial, school site, 12-acre city park site, two recreation sites, hillside residential, and multi-family (apartments/ cluster housing). Hoskin Ryan staff members were involved in the project since its initial planning and master planning phases. Plans were prepared for water, waste water, drainage and grading, master street circulation, map of dedication, and mass grading.
Final engineering was provided for all the backbone infrastructure roadways, which contained roundabouts and other specifically designed traffic calming medians. Bank protection plans were prepared along the west bank of Skunk Creek, and approximately 98-acres of land formerly within the 100-year flood zone were removed.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Traffic Control
  • Floodplain Remediation
  • Hillside Drainage Design
  • Community Outreach