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Legend Trails

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Client: Starwood Development

Legend Trails Master Planned Community

The 110-acre parcel, located in North Scottsdale, is a perfect example of the harmony which can exist between the Sonoran desert and the necessary improvements required for development. A careful and detailed inventory of the existing natural amenities which included native plants, rock outcrops, washes, and hillside areas was the first step in the design process for this development. Roadways were kept to a minimum width and strategically placed to minimize disturbance to the desert. Retention basins were placed so that the required volume was stored in basins integrated into the rolling terrain. Specific areas were identified and placed within easements (NAOS – Natural Area Open Space) for preservation.
The developer’s objective of deriving 155 lots was achieved, and the overall “value-add” of preserving the natural amenities contributed to the overall success of the project.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Natural Open Space Appearance
  • Hillside Terrain
  • Native Plant Inventory
  • Site Infrastructure