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Location: Surprise, Arizona
Client: Maricopa County Facilities Management

Northwest Courthouse Grading & Drainage Rehabilitation

As part of the Maricopa County Facilities Management On-Call, Hoskin Ryan was responsible for drainage assessment and rehabilitation for the existing Northwest Courthouse facility. The existing building was constructed on top of pillar footings creating drainage infiltration below the building causing damage to interior walls, floors, and overall structural integrity.

Hoskin Ryan provided topographical survey, drainage assessment, and recommended grading alternative analysis services to alleviate the site from additional drainage impact. Design work included parking lot drainage design, and open space and storm drain design. All work was completed within a two month expedited schedule in order to repair the site as quickly as possible.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Address Existing Ponding & Building Drainage Issues
  • Short Timeline; Construction Documents Prepared in Less Than 45 Days