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Saddle Mountain

Location: Cave Creek, Arizona
Client: Town of Cave Creek

Saddle Mountain Road, Rockaway Hills Road & 32nd Street

This project included a roadway system of approximately 2-1/2 miles of major collector through environmentally sensitive land with extreme terrain. The improvements included two-lane pavement, 8-foot graded shoulders, numerous culverts and challenging storm drainage designs, guard rail design, and a 12-inch water main transmission line. The design criteria for the roadway were based on the Town of Cave Creek guidelines in conjunction with AASHTO requirements. The hydrology and hydraulics also presented numerous challenges due to 404 issues, significant Q’s, existing floodplains, and minimum cover issues for culverts. Solutions included the use of ADOT standard box culverts, precast concrete arches, large diameter corrugated metal pipes, concrete pipes, and ADOT wingwalls. The work included a CLOMR/LOMR submittal to the Maricopa County Flood Control District, the Town of Cave Creek, and to FEMA.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Environmental Challenges
  • Adherence to Town of Cave Creek & AASHTO Design Requirements