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Shea Edwards

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Client: Shea-Edwards Limited Partnership

Shea Edwards Business Park

The Shea Edwards Business Park is an existing commercial development located in the City of Scottsdale (City). The property owners requested that the existing development be split into separate parcels. The original development was created over 20 years ago with the zoning and engineering requirements associated with that timeframe. Hoskin Ryan coordinated with the client to better understand their goals and objectives, navigated through the City’s process for the preparation and recordation of a Minor Land Subdivision, and directed internal staff performing the work. Numerous challenges arose in performing the Minor Land Subdivision as the City required each lot to be in conformance with the current zoning requirements. Significant coordination with the client’s legal representation and the City’s Survey Department was required for this project. The completed project met the client’s goals and objectives, and all City issues were resolved to the City’s satisfaction.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Minor Subdivision Plat for an Existing Commercial Development
  • Verify Compliance With Current Zoning Requirements
  • Evaluation of the Existing Drainage, Utilities, & Creation of New Property Line