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Smith Farms

Location: Maricopa, Arizona
Client: KB Home

Smith Farms

Smith Farms is a 200-acre residential development comprised of 705 single-family homes, a 12-acre school site and 28-acres of park. By clustering residential units, Smith Farms’ designers allowed for ample open space and pedestrian connectivity throughout the site. These pedestrian linkages continue off-site, to a mixed-use commercial development to the east. The Hoskin Ryan project management team produced preliminary plats and drainage reports and provided master planning for this project, including the initial survey work to establish sectional and boundary controls. Hoskin Ryan also set panel points for aerial topography, assisted in the re-zoning submittal, created a master sewer, water and mass grading concept, prepared off-site hydrology analysis, obtained CLOMR/LOMR approvals, created a master irrigation plan, and recorded the map of dedication.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Levee Design
  • Master Infrastructure Design