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Location: Camp Verde, Arizona
Client: Sunburst Capital, Inc.

Verde Cliffs

Verde Cliffs is a 72-acre hillside residential development comprised of 200 single family homes located in Camp Verde, Arizona. Hoskin Ryan provided site planning, surveying, preliminary and final engineering services for this rural subdivision. This development is located within the Camp Verde Sanitary District and the Camp Verde Water System. It was necessary to work closely with both the Camp Verde Sanitary District and the Camp Verde Water System during the design of this project. Up front utility coordination saved time in the schedule as plans progressed. Hillside development requires additional considerations because of the visibility from the surrounding neighborhoods and the distant views. This consideration was a top priority for the design and planning of the lots. Maximizing open space while achieving the lot count was the goal. Skillfully balancing the amount of cuts and fills, along with the use of retaining walls resulted in a clean line between the development and the surrounding area.
Project Requirements / Unique Characteristics:

  • Subdivision Work in a Small Rural Community
  • Hillside Development
  • Challenging Terrain