Huitt-Zollars is ISO 9001: 2015 Compliant

At Huitt-Zollars, we have a vested interest in our clients and the quality of our work. As stated in our mission statement:

“Our commitment is to understand the needs of our clients and to meet those needs by delivering professional services with the highest level of quality and integrity.”

This is accomplished through customer focus and continual quality improvement. Guided by this philosophy, we exemplify quality management in our day-to-day practice. From initial planning via the Project Work Plan, to Quality Control reviews and project deliverables, communication with our clients is continuous. We are committed to quality by maintaining established processes, and by continual improvement through training.

This commitment to quality is further demonstrated through our pledge to being ISO 9001 compliant since 2003. This international standard is often required by clients and is extended to all facets of our business. Our Quality Management System establishes a process for every step of the design process including efficient schedule and budget planning, and quality reviews to track progress and confirm that quality is built into every component of a project.


Progress Level Award, Quality Texas Foundation (2020)
Commitment Level Award, Quality Texas Foundation (2018)
Engagement Level Award, Quality Texas Foundation (2017)
Pioneer Level award, Quality Texas Foundation (2016)
Business Operation: New Mexico Quality Award, Pinon Level, State of New Mexico, (1999)
Quality Management System: Piñon Recognition Award for excellence in customer service and understand, Quality New Mexico (1999)