Alternative Project Delivery

Submitted by Robert McK on Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:28
Alternative Project Delivery

Huitt-Zollars delivers.

At Huitt-Zollars, "alternative project delivery" has become the norm rather than the exception. Since Huitt-Zollars was founded in 1975, the design and construction industry has steadily evolved. The once dominant project delivery method, Design-Bid-Build, is being used on a steadily declining percentage of projects, with such methods as Design-Build, Construction Manager at Risk, Public/Private Partnerships, and Integrated Project Delivery becoming more and more common. Throughout this evolution, Huitt-Zollars has continuously adapted and participated as designers, project managers, and construction managers, serving owners and contractors alike.

Our professionals have contributed to the successful delivery of projects utilizing virtually every delivery method, and understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with each method. Through our collective knowledge and experience, we add value as a member of any project team.

Regardless of the project delivery method selected for a project, Huitt-Zollars’ commitment stays the same – a commitment to understand the needs of our clients and to deliver our services with the highest level of quality and integrity.